Planning for an Effective Global Workforce Management Project

Workforce Management (WFM) enables retailers (or any organisation) to optimise employee productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the accuracy of labour spend.

Get guidance on three major questions to consider before before embarking on a WFM project:

  1. Why should I do it and how do I prepare for it?
  2. How do I select the right vendor partner for the business?
  3. How do I deploy the solution successfully?

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A Real-Time Operations Platform

Streamline your retail store operations with Reflexis ONEan AI-enabled platform of store execution and communication, task management, workforce management, and advanced analytics solutions. 

 With Reflexis ONE:

  • Gain 360-degree visibility into your store operations
  • Enable real-time communication across your organisation
  • Optimize labour budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling
  • Monitor store, department, and associate performance in real time
  • Respond proactively to key sales and operations metrics using best practices