Drive More Intelligent Retail Store Operations During Crises

Download this white paper and learn key communication strategies you can use during public health emergencies and other crises in the long term:

  • Improve real-time response to important issues that arise in stores
  • Prioritize high-priority projects and improve task completion rates
  • Help your workforce adapt to new initiatives such as curbside pickup and safety procedures

If you are looking for strategies to simplify communication and task management across your organization, download our white paper today!



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A Real-Time Operations Platform

Streamline your store operations with Reflexis ONE, an AI-enabled platform of store execution and communication, task management, workforce management, and advanced analytics solutions. 

With Reflexis ONE:

  • Gain 360-degree visibility into your store operation
  • Enable real-time communication across your organization
  • Optimize labor scheduling, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Monitor store, department, and associate performance in real time
  • Respond proactively to key sales and operations metrics using best practices
ONE Platform Updated Nov19