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In collaboration with Retail Week and Retail Trust, we recently undertook a survey of 500 retail workers to discover how their working lives have been impacted by Covid-19. We discovered that 23% felt that the communication they have received during the Covid-19 pandemic has been ineffective and 18% felt that in-store communication and messaging could be improved with the right technology.

Lack of standard internal communication system causes a disconnect between corporate and on-site staff. Tasks take a long time to come down to individual store colleagues, whether they are communicated through a legacy system or email, so critical tasks take longer to complete, creating inefficiency at the store level. All retailers need a simple way to quickly send critical messages to store colleagues within the organisation.

Join this webinar to learn how the right communication solution can:

  • Provide a single platform for business-critical communication to reach employees at all levels
  • Offer a secure and auditable platform for complete peace of mind
  • Allow employees to communicate without having to exchange personal numbers or email addresses

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Meet the Speaker


Damian Suchet
Software Solutions Sales Executive

Reflexis, now part of Zebra Technologies